Elastoplast 02668 Fabric Dressing 8cm X

fabric weave stretches for flexible comfort with every movement, and lets air in so your skin can br more info


Leukosilk Tape 1.25cm X 5m

  high strength, hypoallergenic, adhesive silk tape general leukosil more info


Cica-Care Gel Sheet 15cm X 12cm

cica-care* is a self-adhesive gel sheet that is medically proven to be up to 90% effective in t more info


Adhesive Unicorn Bandages

adhesive unicorn bandages heal super quick thanks to a little unicorn magic! it sure does help more info


Cutilin Low-Adherent Dressing 5cm X 5cm

general cutilin  is a low-adherent dressing for exuding wounds.  supplied in sterile and n more info


Equi-Tek Fleece Elastic Bandages

equi-tek fleece elastic bandagesequi-tek the best of both worlds! the equi-tek fleece elastic banda more info


Burnaid Dressing 10cm X 10cm

* burnaid gel impregnate open cell foam sterile dressing * superficial to full thickness burns * more info


Opsite Post-Op Transparent Waterproof Dr

description this post-operative dressing combines the advantages of opsite film with an absorbent more info


Leukosilk Tape 2.5cm X 5m

high strength, hypoallergenic, adhesive silk tape general leukosilk is an ex more info


Emla 5% 5g X 5 Plus 10 Dressings

emla is a local skin anaesthetic that is applied to the skin prior to procedures such as needles, to more info


Scholl Tubegauz Complete 4 Metre

general tubegauze is a tubular bandage that is ideal for the secure protection of finger and toe inj more info


Nexcare Steri-Strip 3mm X 75mm

general secure and comfortable adhesive strips hold wound edges together firmly during daily activi more info