Dental Floss

Aloe Dent Dental Floss Aloe & Mint 30 m

our aloedent dental floss is made from shred-resistant nylon floss coated in natural beeswax to help more info


Aloe Dent - Beeswax Dental Floss

while regularly brushing your teeth is an important routine for oral health, flossing with aloe dent more info


Oral-B Floss Essential Mint X 50 Metres

- specially bonded filament makes it easy for you to insert  - shred- and fray-resistant fiber more info


Piksters Size 7 X 40

a revolution in interdental brush performance and price. almost half the price of other interdenta more info


Bacon Flavoured Dental Floss

the moment you hear the magic word 'bacon', a variety of things happen in your body - physically and more info


Oral-B Satin Tape Mint X 25 Metres

indications oral b satin tape instantly feels different as it releases a burst of mint freshness on more info


Xlear, Spry, Dental Floss, Waxed, 43.8 y

100% xylitol with all natural xylitol dental defense system new sponge floss more effective than more info


Reach Dental Floss Waxed X 50 Metres

- removes plaque & food particles from between teeth and under gum line. - inserts easil more info


Cupcake Flavoured Dental Floss

cupcake flavoured dental floss makes daily flossing more fun and less of a chore! get rid of plaque more info


Dogit Design - Gumi Dog Toy - Dental Flo

Dogit Design - Gumi Dog Toy - Dental Floss more info

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V400 Portable Dental Flosser Cordless Or

v400 portable dental flosser cordless oral irrigator with travel case 240ml features & more info


V660H Dental Water Flosser Oral Irrigato

v660h dental water flosser oral irrigator 5 nozzles features & specifications: material abs size more info