Steam Press Accessories

LittleBits NAND

the littlebits nand is a logic gate with two inputs. think of it as “not and.” the nand module w more info


LittleBits Proto Module

the littlebits proto module is what littlebits engineers use to build and prototype new modules. hac more info


LittleBits Slide Switch

littlebits slide switch is a small and convenient way to turn your creations on and off. it uses a s more info


LittleBits RGB LED

the littlebits rgb led (or "red-green-blue light-emitting diode") bit is a special light whose color more info


LittleBits UV LED

the littlebits uv led (or "ultraviolet light-emitting diode") bit sends out a special kind of light. more info


LittleBits XOR

the littlebits xor is a logic gate with two inputs. think of it as “exclusive or,” meaning that more info


LittleBits Fork

the littlebits fork gives you more options for connecting your bits: it lets you connect the output more info


Sphero 2.0 Robotic Ball

the sphero 2.0 is faster, brighter and smarter than before! more info


LittleBits Toggle Switch

the littlebits toggle switch s sturdy on/off switch that you can use to activate your creations with more info


Cleanstar Steamstar 2-in-1 Steam Cleaner

this product: steam mop to clean multiple hard floor surfaces and carpets detachable hand steame more info


LittleBits Roller Switch

the littlebits roller switch is a handy bit -- it has a little lever with a wheel, and activates whe more info


Carpet steam cleaner - accessories inclu

the steam cleaner - 1 5l 1500w is an essential tool for household cleaning there isn t a single hous more info


LittleBits Latch

use the littlebits latch to turn any momentary input, like a button or a trigger module, into an on/ more info