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We are an Australian company originating in Noosa on the beautiful sunshine coast of Queensland in Australia. We have a special interest in sleeping issues and disorders and have spent many years helping people overcome their often debilitating sleeping problems.

We have developed a wonderful range of sleep remedies that have a multi faceted approach to resolving peoples sleep issues. Firstly to relax the body and to quieten the mind so you can enjoy that wonderful feeling of drowsiness to assist you to sleep throughout the night. And then to help lower your daytime hormones like cortisol and adrenaline and to help encourage and stimulate the natural production of your own sleep hormone, Melatonin.

Our flagship sleep range consists of just 3 wonderful products which contain the top 7 plant extracts we believe are the ultimate for inducing deep sleep which in turn contain many beneficial active plant compounds. This is our Fast asleep® formula. These plant extracts have been carefully blended and cold pressed into concentrated essential oils and botanical actives which when inhaled or applied to your skin can help to lower your stress levels, switch off your busy mind and promote deep and therapeutic sleep.

Our scientist Candace Gabelish PhD, has formulated our products for real results. Our products are non addictive and do not leave you feeling groggy in the morning, it is our promise to you.

We don't allow a large factory to make our products so there are no nasty fillers in our products. They are just packed full of all the powerful ingredients needed to assist you in your quest for a wonderful nights sleep.

At the Australian Sleep Co we know how good you can feel after having the perfect nights sleep. A proper nights sleep is truly a joy, you awake with a new found happiness and we just love to see it happen for both our new and loyal customers.

We at The Australian Sleep co pride ourselves on personal customer service and so have a point of contact at the original Eumundi markets in Eumundi on Queensland's Sunshine coast where we consult to people from all over the world. We have a naturopath there each day to assist with your concerns and our shop can be located there each Saturday and Wednesday year round and our staff are happy to help you with any of your sleep issues personally. Come and say hello, we would love to meet you. Perhaps you can take a little bit of that relaxed Noosa vibe home with you and finally have that perfect night's sleep.

At The Australian Sleep Co, we never tire of hearing from our happy and elated customers and hope you can soon become one of our very well slept and newly energised tribes too.

Here's to the perfect night's sleep!

The Australian Sleep Co team.

Ultimate Sleep Blend, Pure Essential Oil

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Sleep Night Oil for pulse points -100ml

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Mix and Match Pack (Choose ANY COMBINAT

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Mix And Match Pack Plus New 10ml Night O

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Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. 100ml

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