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My name is Kentaro and welcome to House of Knives! As a family-owned online retailer, we are passionate about having the best range of kitchen knives available while providing the optimal shopping experience for all our customers.

We specialize in everything to do with kitchen knives, to provide the optimum and most seamless experience for our customers, from the moment they place their order up until (and after) they receive their item/s.

We have handpicked the best brands to ensure you are receiving premium, top quality knives and/or accessories.

All our products come with full manufacturer warranty, and if for any reason you are not satisfied with your product, we will refund or exchange your item no questions asked.

With our range of premium knives, whetstones, knife accessories matched with our team’s passion and emphasis on the customer experience, you are bound to leave with a smile on your face.

We also have a range of kitchen and cookware; from top of the line pots and pans, coffee mills and tea products, to cleaning products and much more.

We are constantly adding new and in-demand products so make sure to subscribe to our mailing list and watch this space!

Tojiro Pro Flash Chef Knife 16cm

the tojiro pro flash chef knife 16cm features a bl more info

$329.95 $215.95

Musashi White Steel #2 Buffalo Magnolia

musashi white steel #2 buffalo magnolia yanagiba k more info

$509.95 $304.95

Musashi Silver Steel Rosewood Chef Knife

musashi silver steel rosewood handle chef knife 24 more info

$634.95 $392.95

Shun Kai Premier Paring Knife 10.2cm

the shun kai premier paring knife 10.2cm is an ind more info

$194.95 $128.95

Victorinox Fibrox Straight Wide Boning K

whether you’re a butcher, a chef or an everyday more info

$52.95 $39.95

F Dick ActiveCut Textile Roll Bag 6 Pc K

the f dick textile roll bag 6 pc set activecut for more info

$914.95 $571.95

F DICK Red Spirit Carving Fork 20cm

the f dick red spirit carving fork 20cm is made fr more info

$189.95 $128.95

F Dick Pro-Dynamic Slicing Knife Kullens

f dick pro-dynamic slicing knife kullenschliff 30c more info

$114.95 $74.95

F DICK ErgoGrip Butcher's Knife 36cm Wid

the f dick ergogrip butcher's knife 36cm wide is u more info

$149.95 $107.95

F Dick Premier Plus Utility Knife Serrat

the f dick premier plus utility knife serrated edg more info

$169.95 $117.95

Furi Pro Capsule Knife Block 9 Pc Set

the furi pro capsule knife block 9 pc set can only more info

$739.00 $370.95

Wusthof Crafter Steak Knife 4 Pc Set

the extra-sharp blades on the wusthof crafter stea more info

$999.00 $590.95

Tojiro Pro Flash Paring Knife 9cm

the tojiro pro flash paring knife 9cm features bla more info

$164.95 $128.95

Tojiro Zen Black Chef Knife 27cm

tojiro zen black 27cm vg10 as core steel, clad by more info

$529.95 $336.95

Wusthof Classic Series Curved Boning Kni

removing bones and skinning meat in a professional more info

$259.00 $170.95

Wusthof Classic White Series Santoku 14c

what a cook's knife is for european kitchens, the more info

$289.00 $189.95

Wusthof Classic White Series Bread Knife

a classic amongst the range of knives that belong more info

$319.00 $206.95

Wusthof Classic White Series Steak Knife

wÜsthof's extra-sharp blade with a plain edge: th more info

$189.00 $129.95

Tojiro Pro Flash Deba Knife 10.5cm

the tojiro pro flash deba knife 10.5cm features a more info

$279.95 $183.95

Tojiro Pro Flash Deba Knife 16cm

the tojiro pro flash deba knife 16cm features a bl more info

$414.95 $269.95