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Based in Qld, Australia - Legends Market is about Quality Eco Products. We love Bamboo Clothing and are aiming to bring a variety of these great products that reap all the benefits of natural clothing. We are also stocking leading brands and accessories for Pilates, Yoga and Physio markets, whether it's pleasure, sport's or the serious stuff. We cater to all crowds by giving style and personality to all the products you love the most. Our mission is to provide the latest and greatest gadgets of innovative design while maintaining quality and affordability.

Bamboo Swaddle 2pcs Set - Soft Bamboo Co

bamboo swaddle 2pcs set - soft bamboo cotton baby more info


Gift Wrapping Option


gift wrapping option more info                             


Bamboo Bed Sheet Sets - 100% Bamboo Luxu

bamboo bed sheet sets - 100% bamboo luxurious comf more info


3 Activated Charcoal Soap - Organic Skin

3 activated charcoal soap - organic skincare (vide more info


3 Coconut Swirl Charcoal Soap - Infused

3 coconut swirl charcoal soap - infused coconut oi more info


Herbal Charcoal Soap - Infused with Coco

herbal charcoal soap - infused with coconut oil - more info


Kura - (NONI) Mega Soap Bar - Infused w

kura - (noni) mega soap bar - infused with coconu more info


Co-Boi - Lemongrass Mega Bar Soap - Infu

co-boi - lemongrass mega bar soap - infused with c more info


3 Virgin Coconut Soap - Infused Coconut

3 virgin coconut soap - infused coconut oil - orga more info


Tumeric & Dilo Soap Bar - Infused with C

tumeric & dilo soap bar - infused with coconut oil more info


Rewa Oil - Coconut Oil Infused with Natu

rewa oil - coconut oil infused with natural herbs more info


Na I Masi Oil - Fiji Massage Oil - Infus

na i masi oil - fiji massage oil - infused with co more info


Virgin Coconut Oil - Infused with Coconu

virgin coconut oil - infused with coconut oil - or more info


3 Pure Herbal Soap - Infused Coconut Oil

3 pure herbal soap - infused coconut oil - organic more info


Non Slip Grip Socks 2 Pair - Women's Fit

non slip grip socks 2 pair - women's fitness yoga more info


Eye Mask Great Sleep Mask | 3D Blindfold

eye mask great sleep mask | 3d blindfold sleeping more info


Small Pool Skimmer Pump - Filter Pump Sk

small pool skimmer pump - filter pump skimmer comb more info


Ice Maker Portable - Ice in 6 minutes

ice maker portable - ice in 6 minutes more info            


75L Garden Dump Cart - Green

75l garden dump cart - green more info                     


3.2L Portable Ice Cube Maker - Every 6 M

3.2l portable ice cube maker - every 6 minutes more info