Rescue Swag

Rescue Swag
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Rescue Swag is the 'Swiss Army Knife" of First Aid Kits! Built Tough for Aussie Conditions.

The only kit available that is Waterproof and dustproof without the bulk. It turns into a sling, splint and immobilisation device and can even carry water in an Emergency. It comes with a Free First Aid app which will work even if you are out of range.

Rescue Swag has taken the guesswork out of preparing you for an Emergency by creating an organised affordable pack and made sure there is everything you need and nothing you don't. It's the 'No-brainer' Emergency Kit, no matter what your application.

Praised by Paramedics, First Aid Trainers, Remote Workers and Conservationists alike.



refill workplace modules more info                         



refill adventurer modules more info                        


EXPLORER Rescue Swag


explorer rescue swag more info                             




workplace rescue swag more info                            




refill explorer module more info                           


Snake and Spider Bite Kit- Premium

snake and spider bite kit- premium more info               


ADVENTURER + Equine Emergency Kit

adventurer + equine emergency kit more info                


AED Samaritan PAD 500P


aed samaritan pad 500p more info                           


Rescue Swag Gift Card


rescue swag gift card more info                            


Rescue Me PLB1 by Rescue Swag

rescue me plb1 by rescue swag more info                    




adventurer rescue swag more info                           


Snake Bite Indicator Bandage

snake bite indicator bandage more info                     


Special Offer - 2 Adventurers plus bonus

special offer - 2 adventurers plus bonuses more info       


ADVENTURER for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

adventurer for motorcycle enthusiasts more info           


Rescue Bandage Tourniquet

rescue bandage tourniquet more info                        


Equine Module


equine module more info                                    


Israeli Haemorrhage Bandage

israeli haemorrhage bandage more info                      


CAT Tourniquet


cat tourniquet more info                                   


Modulator Range for the Workplace

modulator range for the workplace more info                


Hi-Beam Work Light


hi-beam work light more info