Q: I've heard of price comparison, but... How it works?


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PRICEPOND.COM.AU is the Web site where you begin all your shopping adventures. Whether you’re just beginning to research a product based on price, features, reviews and other criteria or know exactly what you want, PRICEPOND.COM.AU is here to help you find products on the Internet with ease.   



No. PRICEPOND.COM.AU does not sell any products. It’s a price comparison shopping engine, PRICEPOND.COM.AU scans product from its partnered merchant store to find the best deals for all our users’ searches. All purchases are done through the online retailer of the user’s choice. 


Q: Can I buy or sell a product on PRICEPOND.COM.AU?

No. We would love to serve you better, but for now PRICEPOND.COM.AU is just a tool for you to find out the best products with lowest prices in Australia.


Q: Does PRICEPOND.COM.AU have any direct relationships with online retailers?

Yes, we work diligently to bring our shoppers the best deals possible by forming partnerships with online retailers. We mark many of our trusted partners on home page bottom as Happy Clients.


Q: How do I search for a product?

A: Enter a word or phrase into the search box at the top of the screen. Use the drop-down next to the search box to search within a specific category. Then click the magnifying glass icon or press Enter. The site will return all matching products. You can also browse all products within each category by using the category links below the search box.


Q: How frequently are the prices updated?

The prices on our site are updated up to 2 times daily to ensure you are always seeing the best deals. The retailers we list promise us that all the information they provide about the product for sale, including the price, is accurate and up to date. They have a duty to update the information if it is inaccurate and it is very rare that the prices for a product will differ between our site and the supplier’s website. If you discover a discrepancy, please let us know because we only wish to list suppliers that deliver on their promises.


Q: How does PRICEPOND.COM.AU make money?

When you see a product you are interested in and you click through to the retailer’s site, the supplier pays us a small referral fee. With the money we make from these referral fees we regularly invest back into our websites to make our service better for you, our customers.


Q: What is included in the price displayed?

Suppliers on our site are required to display the cost of the item and any postage and packaging costs (P&P costs) separately. Prices displayed include GST.


Q: I can’t find product XYZ. What’s up?

Good find! Let us know at info@pricepond.com.au. We will add it if it is available from our partner store.


Q: Product XYZ has incorrect information / dead links. What’s up?

Our bad. Please send an email to info@pricepond.com.au, and we’ll fix it.


Q: How do I learn more about an item I want to purchase?

A: The item’s description will give you details about the item. For even more information, click the “More Info” link for the product. If you have any questions about the item, you can contact your Shop Consultant.


Q: How do I order products on PRICEPOND.COM.AU?

A: It's easy. Once you've found an item you'd like to purchase, simply click the “Go to Shop” button to purchase directly from partner store.


Q: Do I have to sign-up to use PRICEPOND.COM.AU?

No, you do not need to sign-up to use PRICEPOND.COM.AU. We will be introducing optional accounts later so you can save and keep an eye on your favorite products’ prices.


Q: How can I sell online?

If you own an online shop and would like to find out more about listing your products on PRICEPOND.COM.AU, please visit our merchant page